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Contemporary jewelleryContemporary jewellery

Lucca Preziosa is an appointment for lovers of contemporary jewellery. Lucca preziosa show the contemporary jewellery realizations of the most famous jewellery designers. This is an appointment also for the students of jewellery school like "le arti orafe", for see the contemporary jewellery design.

Jewellery school in ItalyJewellery school in Italy

Le arti orafe: Jewellery school in Italy, Italy. Le Arti Orafe is a famous Jewellery School e Academyin Florence founded by Gio Carbone. Le Arti Orafe is the most prestigious private italian school for contemporary jewellery in Italy.

Wedding BlogWedding Blog

Tuscan Dreams Wedding Blog realized to publish their reviews about the Tuscany locations they discover or they want to bring to their users attention as perfect wedding locations or wedding venues suggestions.

Tuscan DreamsTuscan Dreams

Agency that provides accomodations in properties in Tuscany for great holidays in Italy and arranges weddings in Tuscany with a huge selection of wedding venues and a wedding planning service that provides all the services to have a great wedding in Italy.